About Us

  • We defend the world’s best known brands.
  • We protect the innovations of the world’s biggest technology companies.
  • We are the trusted European Intellectual Property partner for NASDAQ and FTSE100 listed companies.
  • We support greatness. What can we do for you?

Established in 1930 by Arthur Bellamy Tomkins, Tomkins has been part of Ireland’s evolving innovation and business scene almost since the birth of the nation. 

Tomkins’ fusion of dependable legal savvy, technical expertise and strategic creativity makes capturing and protecting innovative products and processes, tangibles like trademarks and designs, even entire business models - straightforward.  

However, for our clients, IP protection is only the start of their journey. Our clients recognise the value IP plays in their business success and benefit from a wealth of counsel on the road leading to it. Armed with strong, defendable IP rights and knowledge of their competitors’ activities, Tomkins’ clients get to the top - and remain there. 

We partner with our clients in a friendly, efficient way, to support them in achieving their goals of greatness. Through Tomkins’ unique Web Portal BELLAMY™ clients enjoy 24/7 access to their entire IP portfolio and avail of bespoke reporting tools, which, they tell us, provide them with much needed clarity; facilitate their business decisions; and allow them financial certainty in uncertain times.

As our client, you will have immediate access to our reliable, top tier IP advisory service, benefiting from our rich experience and trusted knowledge base. Our clients recognise greatness and achieve it with Tomkins by their side. Tomkins: Supporting Greatness. 

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