Our Team

Tomkins team have diverse backgrounds and experience in multiple technological and business fields. Click on our biographies below to find out more about how we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Olivia Catesby
Olivia Catesby Patents (Engineering) Managing Partner
Cathal Lane
Cathal Lane Patents (Life Sciences) Partner
Simon Gray
Simon Gray Trade Marks & Designs Partner
Aoife O’Neill
Aoife O’Neill Patents (Engineering) & Designs Partner
Seamus Doherty
Seamus Doherty Trade Marks Partner
Hazel Tunney
Hazel Tunney Trade Marks & Designs Partner
Sinéad Škrba
Sinéad Škrba Patents (Engineering) Partner
Andrew Waldron
Andrew Waldron Patents (Engineering) & Designs Partner
Chris Grieves
Chris Grieves Patents Senior Associate
Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie Trade Marks Senior Associate
David Legge
David Legge Trade Marks Associate
Juan Sánchez García
Juan Sánchez García Patents (Engineering) Associate
Dr. Christina Gates
Dr. Christina Gates Patents (Life Sciences) Consultant
Catherine Jennings
Catherine Jennings Trade Marks Trade Mark Attorney
Dr. Philippa Owens
Dr. Philippa Owens Patents IP Professional
Deirdre Naessens
Deirdre Naessens Trade Marks Trade Mark Formalities Manager