Trade Mark searching, filing & prosecution

Your brands may well be your most valuable assets, yet too often they are left unprotected, and under-appreciated. Trade Marks (names, logos, symbols, slogans, colours, shapes or even smells) allow you to distinguish your business from your competition, and wield that difference to your advantage.

At Tomkins, we specialise in identifying, robustly protecting and proactively policing your Trade Mark rights. We secure your point of difference in the market, by proving the full spectrum of Trade Mark services, helping you achieve your greatness.

When Tomkins handles your Trade Mark application, rivals will think twice before they copy your brand or infringe your Trade Mark. We also flag potential problems surrounding your brand before you invest valuable resources promoting and marketing your products or services.

Our experienced Trade Mark team provide expertise in the filing, prosecution, maintenance and enforcement of Trade Mark rights directly in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the European Union. We also, through our extensive network of Associates, co-ordinate Trade Mark strategies throughout the world. This network allows Tomkins to deliver cost effective, timely and appropriate solutions to meet your trade mark needs.

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